Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas
Bermuda Cruise
June 23-June 30, 2014

Day 1
We left for the port an hour earlier than planned. That gave us time to take some pictures and watch them bring the luggage onboard.
The first big event onboard is always the sail away party which is made even better since the weather cooperated.
Then, the landmark of passing under the Key Bridge never gets old.

Day 2
We spent all day at sea today. We did catch the production show this evening of a Beatles cover group called Beatles Maniacs. They were pretty good.

Day 3

Day 4
Today was spent out and about in Bermuda. Since it was a national holiday and public transportation was limited, we started our day at the National Museum of Bermuda, which is located at the Royal Naval Dockyard where the ship is docked.
After that, we caught a bus to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, and despite being TERRIFED I managed to get out on the landing and see the beautiful surroundings.
After a nap to recharge, we saw the aerial performance Seasons which was quite impressive.
The night ended with a Party Under the Stars full of food and dancing.

Day 5
We started today bright and early by taking a ferry to St. George.
We had a short walk to the caves and enjoyed the grounds surrounding the caves as well.
We saw the Crystal Caves first. I'd never seen a cave with so much water and it really added to the experience.
Next up was a short walk to the Fantasy Caves, which didn't have as much water but was still beautiful.
Since we had an hour or so to kill before the next ferry, we stopped for a snack and drinks at the famous Swizzle Inn, right across the street from the caves.

Day 6-7

And what would a cruise be without CRUISE FOOD!!!!