Bermuda Cruise 2017
September 16-September 21

Day 1
It was a beautiful day leaving Baltimore on the Grandeur of the Seas. The return trip was also nice as we were running an hour late because of the weather (more to come on that) and I got to see the sunrise over the city as well as the ship go under the Key Bridge, which never gets old. I was in an aft junior suite again and tried to use it as much as possible. I don't know when I'll be able to afford one again.

Day 2
Today was a sea day. It was a little on the rough side as we cruised above hurricane Jose. As you can see from the Grandeur of the Sea pictures, pools were drained and closed, uppder decks closed, etc. It was on the same on day 5 as we passed under Jose.

Day 3 - Bermuda!
Unlike last year, we did make it to Bermuda. It was rather overcast but the rain held out! I walked around the Dockyard area and spent time at the Maritime Museum. I try to go every time I am here. I am just in awe of the mural in the Commissioner's house. It was painted by one person over 3.5 years. The attention to detail is just amazing.

Day 4 - Bermuda!
Today started out raining. I didn't book any shore excursions this time around, but it sounded like most of them were canceled because of the weather. Then, around 10 am or so, the clouds broke and we had bright blueskies. Oh well. I ended up walking back to the Clock Tower Mall and buying a few souvenirs for coworkers.

Day 5
A repeat of day 2 for the most part. More rough seas. Pools drained, outer decks closed, etc. It was annouced that evening that we would be arriving back in Baltimore late tomorrow because of the slowing down due to the seas, though the Captain was going to try to make up time once in the Chesapeake Bay. We entered the Bay a little over 2 hours behind schedule.

Day 6 - Baltimore
We were able to make up about an hour in the Bay last night. We got in to Baltimore around 8 am instead of the usual 6:45 am or so. All things considered, it was another great cruise and I can't wait to go on another one in March!

Cruise Food and Sunsets
What is a cruise without food pictures and beautiful sunsets?