Las Vegas - 2013

Red Rock Canyon
I loved the colors and the texture of the rocks. It was a nice scenic loop that you could see at your own pace.
Definitely worth the $7.

Bryce Canyon
Always breautiful. Dad and I went horeseback riding down into the canyon and it was memorable for many reasons other than beauty; such as terror and rain.
I don't think I'd do it again, but am definitely glad that I did it. The sunrise over the canyon was wonderful. I could watch it every day.

The Conservatory at the Bellagio
Not as large as I was expecting, but nice nonetheless. I loved the theme and the birds definitely were the highlight.

On the Road
We rented a car this year so drove to Red Rock and Bryce Canyon. There were so beautiful areas along the way, espeically the Virgin River Gorge.

Las Vegas Strip
Not much has changed since last year, but it always looks amazing to see all this flat land, surrounded by mountains and then all these giant skyscrapers on the Strip.