New England/Canada Cruise
October 1-9, 2015

Day 1 - Getting on the ship is easy. Food is yummy. Weather was gross though. Rainy and icky.

Day 2 - ROUGH seas. 20-30 ft waves (some of them were higher than my window!) and 40 mph winds. Needless to say the outer decks were closed. Spent most of the day in bed, sleeping, and had Bonine in me around the clock. I still ate though

Day 3 - Portland, Maine! We got in two hours late because of the seas yesterday. Had a moderately productive shopping trip to L.L. Bean. We went to the Crown and Anchor Society Welcome Back party.

Day 4 - Bar Harbor, Maine. Excursion to Acadia National Park and a lobster bake. (I learned I don't like mussels or lobsters. Good to know.) LOVED Acadia National Park! Wish we had more time at each of the photo stops though.

Day 5 - Saint John (Bay of Fundy), New Brunswick. Photography excursion Great weather! Got to see the Reversing Rapids go in both directions. Learned some good photography tips.Walked around town afterward.

Day 6 - Halifax, Nova Scotia. More icky weather. Whale watching excursion. Did not see a whale.

Day 7-8 - Lots of sleeping. Attended the Seasons aerial performance. Wonderful sunsets!